A Brand New Type of Challenge



Ready for an epic fitness challenge? Join the E-Gym Titans Tournament, where everyone, regardless of fitness level, can compete.

The competition happens on July 6, but you get a whole month of unlimited access to our top-tier E-Gym facilities to prepare.

Train with our expert coaches who will tailor sessions just for you.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to fitness, this is your chance to push your limits and transform into a Titan.

Get fit, have fun, and aim for victory!

Open to all • Fair chance to win • Big Prizes

We want to give everyone a fair chance. That's why there are four categories.


Strongest Woman

Pull the maximum weight of all, and claim the main prize of 500€ voucher. We also have prizes for second and third place.


Strongest Man

Pull the maximum weight of all, and claim the main prize of 500€ voucher. We also have prizes for second and third place.


Biggest Progress for Women

Train for two weeks. We'll measure your maximum strength at the beginning, and at the end. Whoever has the biggest gain in maximum strength they can pull wins a 300€ voucher.


Biggest Progress for Men

Train for two weeks. We'll measure your maximum strength at the beginning, and at the end. Whoever has the biggest gain in maximum strength they can pull wins a 300€ voucher.

There are prizes for runner ups, plus an incredible deal in itself...

Joining is easy

Simply click the "Sign up" button, fill your name and contact details, and that's your first step done. Our friendly team will reach out to you to help you get started.

We give you all the tools to train to win!

When you sign up, you have full access to all of these amazing resources:


Full access to the fitness center
including gym and E-Gym

Have a full access for an entire month. Train as much or as little as you like.


Special introductory session

Intro session for the E-Gym to optimally use the equipment.


Automatic participation in the challenge

Join our "Who's the strongest" challenge and be in to win 500€ voucher!


Personal coaching

Receive guidance from a trainer during your first E-Gym use.


Free fitness assessment

Determine your current fitness level and set goals.


Amazing Value

Never before has the gym & E-Gym been so accessible.

You get Full access to all of the above

Only 49€ one-time entry fee for the tournament.

Compete on our Gameday to Win

All bets are off on 6. July. Anyone can do it.

Mark your calendar for July 6th, when the E-Gym Titans Tournament will culminate in an awesome Gameday.

After a month of training, you’ll have the chance to show off your strength and endurance in a series of fun and thrilling challenges.

Compete in various categories, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.

With clear rules and fair judging, you can confidently give it your all.

Plus, the strongest man and woman each win a €500 prize!

It's your time to shine and have a blast!

How do we measure the results?

We use our precise e-Gym machines to measure your maximum strength.

The good news is, you can very easily increase your standing just by practicing on these fun machines couple of times a week.

The exercise is fun, safe, and the machine has an built in AI assistant that tailors the workout to your specific fitness level.

This is perfect even for people who have never been to a gym before.

This is where you truly win...

More fit shape, increased energy, better health, quality lifestyle

You’re doing this for yourself – Be in shape for summer!

This summer, make a commitment to yourself and your well-being.

The E-Gym Titans Tournament is your perfect opportunity to get in shape and feel fantastic.

With a full month of unlimited access to our premier facilities and expert-led training sessions, you can transform your fitness routine.

Imagine stepping into summer with newfound strength, energy, and confidence.

This journey is all about you – taking charge of your health, pushing your limits, and looking and feeling your best.

Embrace the challenge and shine bright this summer!

Training and workout like you haven’t seen before.

When you visit our e-Gym, you get to get stronger and more fit without the hard work. It's actually fun!

Our e-Gym is all about making fitness less work, and more enjoyable.

It adapts to your own body and fitness level. This means you can exercise safely, at your own pace, and actually enjoy it.

There in no scary looking gym equipment, no bootcamp trainer yelling at you, no peer pressure from beefed up guys and skinny women with firm curves.

It's just you getting in shape, feeling great about yourself.

Plus, if you need help, our friendly instructors are there to assist you any time.

Are you Ready to try This?

Join the Titans Tournament and dive in.

We promise you'll like it.

Give the Titans Tournament a go. It’s a Win-Win deal!

Ready for a fitness boost? For just €49, get unlimited access to our top-tier E-Gym for a month. Train with expert coaches, get in summer shape, and compete for a €500 prize. It’s your chance to shine and win big. Don’t miss out – join the Titans Tournament today!

Chang your life • Be stronger • Win either way !

Why go anywhere else, when you can simply sign for the E-Gym Tournament and get all of the benefits for yourself.

  • Increased Strength and Endurance: Noticeable improvements in your physical capabilities, making daily activities easier.

  • Enhanced Energy Levels: Feel more vibrant and energetic throughout your day.

  • Improved Mental Clarity: Physical activity boosts your focus and mental performance.

  • Better Mood and Stress Relief: Exercise is a natural way to reduce stress and enhance your overall mood.

  • Healthy Habits: Establish a solid foundation for a healthier lifestyle that lasts beyond the challenge.

What's 49 € compared to this, right?

Plus, the usual price is 150 €. You save 101 €.

You get to be healthier.

You'll have fun and meet great people, like you.

You can try the e-Gym without inscription fees.


... You get a chance to WIN in the Challenge!

Where is the Tournament held?

Come check out our modern fitness hub

Getting started is easy.

Simply visit our center at 111 Route De Luxembourg, Bereldange,
or message us on WhatsApp.

Sign up for the awesome E-Gym Titans Tournament, and try it out.

If you're not a total couch potato we guarantee you'll love it!

Plus... our friendly team is here to help you every step of the way.

Current center members have free access to the Challenge.

Open for everyone

Anyone can join our Luxembourg Titans Tournament.

Whether you're 18 or 88, it does not matter. There is a fair chance for everyone to compete.

Plus, even if you do not win, you still get full month's access to the entire gym and e-gym for a price of one restaurant meal.

Obviously you are at least a little interested in your health, otherwise you would not have read the page until here.

And this is the best way to get fit, be stronger, and improve your life in ways you did not know were possible.

We've seen it happen, right at our center.

Go on, give it a try. You'll like it...

Open to all: Everyone is welcome to participate, even if you’ve never set foot in a gym before.

Multiple categories: We want this to be, above all, fair, fun, and benefecial for everyone.

Fair chance to win: We’re measuring relative strength increase, so everyone has fair chance to be the winner.

Measure your strength: Our advanced E-Gym equipment will track your performance and rank you on our dynamic leaderboard.

Big Prizes: We have lot of prizes to give away. Come try it!

Krav Maga Center Luxembourg

111 Route De Luxembourg, Bereldange

Tel: +352 27 99 01 60